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Nokia 7.1 review – The best mid-tier smartphone?

HMD is bringing another Nokia Android phone on the market and this time its the Nokia 7.1. Now some might think it’s an upgraded version from the Nokia 7, but this is not the case. In fact, HMD has said that its a follow up on the Nokia 8. In today’s review, we are looking what the Nokia 7.1 really has to offer compared to its competitors.


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Nokia 7.1 has an aluminum frame giving it a nice feel. The back is made of glass, though it does feel more like its made of plastic. The phone fits into the hand pretty nicely thanks to its rounded corners. Compared to some other phone models it’s much more pleasant to keep in hand. One thing that we noticed is that the backside is extremely slippery, so we do recommend getting a cover for the phone as soon as possible.

The right side of the phone you have the basic volume and power buttons, while the left side of the phone stays clear and has no buttons or

There is a small hump, back of the phone where the fingerprint scanner is located. On top of the fingerprint scanner you can find the camera, but more about it later.

Overall it’s nice to see that the company hasn’t slacked off on the design as many other phone makers usually do in their cheaper models.

Nokia 7.1 backside



Nokia 7.1 comes in two different colors blue and steel. For this review, we went with the blue one, which is almost black thanks to the deep blue color of the phone.



The display on the Nokia 7.1 is above average in this price range. The 5.84-inch screen has clear colors and good brightness, though it does have that notch on top of the screen that has caused a lot of controversy with different smartphones.

The Nokia has a small trick up its sleeve that makes the display look even better and its called PureDisplay. The technique amplifies the contrast of the display making everything look a bit more better than without it. HDM promises it can do this up to HDR levels, but in reality, the technique is not a game changer or anything that would (at least me personally) pay more for this phone.


Battery life

As for the battery, the Nokia 7.1 comes equipped with a 3060 mAh battery. This means it should last around 7h and 40 minutes, but considering you usually use the WiFi or some other heavy-duty apps it might last a lot shorter time for you.


Nokia 7.1 camera

Now for the camera of the Nokia 7.1, we must first look what it offers. The main camera on the back is a 12 MP and it also has another 5 MP sensor that is boosting its capabilities. Once again we must remind you that the Nokia 7.1 is not a flagship model so you can’t expect to get the same quality of photos or videos as them.

Carl Zeiss has helped the Nokia phone with their camera optics, but they have also helped them with the image processing algorithms that work on the background ensuring you get the best image quality available with this phone.

Again Nokia 7.1 might not take the best photos when compared to more high-end smartphones, but in this price range, it clearly beats its competition.


Nokia 7.1 performance

Now we come to the underlying problem with the Nokia 7.1. As for the performance of the phone is average at best. Not that we are complaining, but we did expect a bit more from this phone. After all the Nokia is running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 that does pack enough power for most daily use. Unfortunately, anything that requires a bit more processing power is out of the order and you start to see some slowing down.

Nokia 7.1 front



Something we are happy to tell you is that the Nokia 7.1 comes with 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB of memory that you can expand up to 400 GB with a micro SD card. A good thing considering that most power users might run out of memory quite quickly if they are used to taking a lot of high-quality photos and videos.


Android One

A refreshing change on the Android phone market is the Android One that HMD has decided to choose for their Nokia 7.1. Android One means you won’t be having tons of bloatware with the phone. You will only be getting the pure Android as Google intended it and you’re free to choose what apps you use on the phone by yourself.

Another good thing in the Android One is that HMD has promised updates for the phone for years to come. Meaning you won’t be forced to update your phone just because its software gets outdated and it might become a security risk for you or your family.



Price History for Nokia 7.1 TA-1085 Dual Sim 64GB (FACTORY UNLOCKED) 5.84" 4GB RAM Blue, Steel


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User reviews

As said some of the users have not been very happy with the top notch of the screen, but overall people have been happy with the OnePlus 6.



If you are looking for a pure Android phone that doesn’t make you go broke while still being able to grab some high-quality pictures and videos then the Nokia 7.1 is your choice. It’s not a flagship smartphone and it’s not trying to be, but what it really it is, is worth its money.

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7.8Expert Score
Battery life
  • Competitive price
  • A large and bright LCD display
  • Great camera
  • Battery life could be better
  • Small performance drops in heavy duty

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Parktel – Nokia (retail)


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Parktel – Nokia (retail)


Nokia 7.1 – Android One – 64 GB – 12+5 MP Dual Camera – Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (at&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) – 5.84" FHD+ HDR Screen – Blue – U.S. Warranty


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Nokia 7.1 review – The best mid-tier smartphone?
Nokia 7.1 review – The best mid-tier smartphone?