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Canon EOS Rebel T6 – Improvement from the old EOS Rebel T5

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The unique Canon EOS Rebel T6 (MSRP $335 with kit lens) depicts the standard requirements of a DSLR in today’s world with an 18-megapixel sensor, maximum HD 1080p video, a 3-inch LCD display screen. The T6 is an essential successor of the early (in DSLR time) EOS Rebel T5. We weren’t anticipating to be amazed by the T6 however, we would’ve preferred to have seen a little more than an incremental upgrade given that entry-level DSLRs have experienced substantial developments since the T5 was launched.


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What exactly will you enjoy for your cash? With the T6, you are not getting the performance you might get out of a flagship system such as the EOS 5D Mark III or the attributes out the little more costly Canon EOS Rebel T6. Rather, you acquire an entry-level camera which is simple to use and will be capable of doing all the basics that an amateur photographer will need it to.

Canon is aware of the strategy for which a bare-minimum, entry-level camera ought to sell and has upgraded the brand new T6 to complete the blanks. It will execute the functions needed of a fundamental interchangeable lens camera for beginners thinking of getting a DSLR for traveling or learning at a minimal value. Aside from that, it is often merely a slightly upgraded T3 or dumbed down T6 based on your own view.



Very few things have developed from the T5 to the T6, design-wise. Most of the controls remain on the right-hand side of the camera and just need 1 hand for operating. Just a few minor changes in button layout have occurred, however, they all made the handles a little more accessible as compared to on the earlier model. The live view button has been moved above the exposure allowance button. The display and playback control was shifted slightly left. One of the most essential changes was taking the speaker from the right side (near the thumb) and setting it on the top left of the camera it is therefore by no means accidentally covered up. The simple layout is ideal for beginners searching for something which is convenient and not too much to handle, with enough control to learn the basic principles of photography.

The T6, in addition, has dropped several grams—15g to be exact—that makes it easier to handle. The LCD has grown by 0 .3″ (and also increased in resolution) however, the entire camera measurements have remained the same. This along with the lightweight removes the feeling that you are going to drop it at any moment. Actually, the whole camera possesses a far more matted appearance and feel in contrast to its glossier precursor. This change could possibly be the single greatest development, which is the just like the T6.

I discovered that operation was pretty fluid while swapping through shooting settings and changing controls while in manual mode. Having the ability to alter all of your key settings with one hand is a great modification from the higher-end versions in which you normally require two hands to modify multiple things. In case I had never acquired a DSLR before, I believe I would’ve discovered it intuitive and simple to learn. Having said that, you might be completely new to an advanced photographing — or purchasing the T6 for somebody who is — we highly recommend picking up a guide to help learn the basics.



Compared to the rivalry, the T6 is simply in the center of the pack. Certainly, we are not expecting an entry-level DSLR to blow away our tests however, the T6 thoroughly had a hard time in production than many other canon products. But while we’re not amazed with precisely what the T6 can perform, there exists one (fixable) culprit: the kit lens.

In our assessments the T6 struggled the most when it came to developing sharp, comprehensive images—even with the latest 18-55mm IS II kit lens. If you do plan on acquiring this camera, we advise buying it body-only and acquiring the Canon EF 50mm f/1 .8. You may lose the option to zoom however, the 50mm f/1 .8 merely costs around $100 which is much better than any other kit lens on the market. Stated briefly, when you use the kit lens with the T6 you might be paying for performance which you are not actually getting.

Video performance was upgraded over the T5, which wasn’t the majority of a work since it merely shot 720p. However, video motion, sharpness, and lowlight responsiveness were down while we checked its test results to the current T6i. However these are all most likely because of the subpar sharpness from the kit lens, therefore obtaining another lens will probably help these outcomes a bit. While Canon is often known for its video performance, today we will advise choosing the Nikon D5100 (that is present around the same price range) for video needs, though if you require superior audio features, for instance, a headphone jack, you will need to look even further up-market.

When capturing in lower light the T6 is going to perform reputable for an entry-level DSLR, maintaining sound to a minimum. It deals with an ISO range which is standard in DSLRs today, ISO 100-12,800. The noise is just not too poor from ISO 100-800 without noise decrease, but from ISO 1600-12800 you might surely wish to take advantage of the 3 levels of sound reduction: Low, Normal, and Strong. The Low setting sustains more fine detail but is not useful enough at the summit end of the ISO scale. Regular and Strong make the higher ISO ranges viable in lower light settings, however, scrub away much more fine detail.

We do not advise capturing sports or action with the T6, as it basically is not the camera’s power suit. In our assessments, it may only average about 3 fps for around 10 shots while shooting JPEGs and less if you wish to shoot RAW. However, the autofocus is speedy enough to catch the kids playing around the house with steady accuracy, you simply have to choose your areas carefully to get the appropriate shot.

Finishing off on a good note, the color accuracy of the “Faithful” method has stuck true to the name. It will be a bit oversaturated at 105%, but when compared to the other modes that top 127% saturation, it is very reputable. The chromatic aberration, vibrant range, and white balance are all moderately improved over the T6i, as well, revealing enhanced processing on Canon’s end.



As said before, the T6 really does provide the maximum with regards to features. There is Wi-Fi, built-in interval shooting. There is even the normal complement of location modes available on lower-end Canon cameras. For video shooters there is now 1080p video, however, there is absolutely no flip-out screen for framing, and (of course) no headphone jack. Besides a larger LCD along with a new sensor (most likely the same one found in the T3i, T4i, T5i, etc.)

We shouldn’t completely understate the modern 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, as it is an incredible upgrade from the 12-megapixel sensing unit of the T3. Moving from 12 megapixels to 18 looks like a big jump, but when our hunch is right this really is nevertheless a sensor that observed its last significant update three years ago. It’s nicer compared to the T3’s sensor, however that actually is not saying much, and this entire product is still driven by the Digic 4+ processor, which was created back in 2008, the same year the second-gen iPhone 3G came out.

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During the last few years, the camera industry has been subject to some turbulent adjustments. Though the majority of Canon’s rivals are actually eager in order to stay above water, Canon appears to be leveraging its benefit as the top-selling brand by monitoring and keeping things steady. However, the desperation of companies like Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony has been spending dividends lately by means of better, less expensive cameras ripened with innovation.

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Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens (Black)


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Canon EOS Rebel T6 – Improvement from the old EOS Rebel T5
Canon EOS Rebel T6 – Improvement from the old EOS Rebel T5

$549.00 $399.00