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CamPark T45 Trail Camera review – High quality with low price

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CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera comes with a 14MP camera and supports up to 1080P video. It’s a high-quality trail camera, that comes with a small price. In today’s review, we tested the camera in close by forest to see how well it works and how easy it is to set up and use.


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CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Design

The CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera comes as do many other wildlife cameras in camouflaged color and it is waterproof. As for the design, it feels sturdy and good in the hands. On the front, you can see the camera, 42 IR LEDs on the top and three infrared motion detectors, which is a nice addition. The motion detector can capture motion from up to 65 feet (~20 meters).

On the backside, you got the connections which are the basic strap to hook it on a tree, but you also get a mount that you can use to permanently attach the camera. A great small feature if you wish to use the camera as a security camera.

If you open up the camera you can see the buttons to operate the camera on the left, the screen and on the bottom micro SD slot, AV output, Mini USB you can use to attach the camera directly to your PC and the on/off switches. On the right side, you can see the place for the basic AA batteries you need for the power.

In the box you can find: 1x Hunting Camera, 1x Belt, 1x Tree Mount, 1x USB Cable, 3x Screw, 1x User Manual, 1x Support Card.

Campark T45 review


CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Camera

The camera comes in a 14MP and supports a full HD 1080p video, which should be more than enough for most users. It has a wide viewing angle of 120° which is a nice little extra compared to other similar products which usually only have around 90°.

The CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera is equipped with night vision. In our tests, it worked quite good, but if you want to take some close by images of birds, deer or other animals that might move at night, consider adding something to block few of the LEDs because they might overlight the images a bit. This is in no terms a bad thing considering that further away objects and animals are seen much easier, but it does make taking photos and videos a bit hard if the camera target gets too close to the camera.

Going back to the videos there is one thing that bothered us in testing and that is that the highest resolution only offers around 25 FPS. So if you want a smoother framerate for your videos, you should go for a smaller resolution. Personally, this didn’t bother me too much, but I do understand that it might be a deal-breaker for some.


CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Battery

As mentioned earlier the camera runs on eight AA batteries, so get ready to buy some quality ones, or you might run out of power quickly. Personally, we didn’t see this much of a problem since batteries feel like a good choice for a product like this. A battery might last longer, but again if you place the device outside for wildlife, you might not want to carry a huge extra battery with you to the forest just to change it.


CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Setting up and menu

Using the CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera is pretty straightforward. The menu is easy to navigate and the modes you can select are simple to understand even for a first-time user.

Few mention worthy things on the menu and setting up the camera are the live view and the possibility to take up to 10-minute videos when the motion detector notices something. This is a great feature if you don’t want the camera to cut out every 5-seconds as some other wildlife cameras might do.

CamPark T45 review


CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Supported MicroSD cards

CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera supports up to (Class 10) 32 GB MicroSD cards. A few things to notice before using any MicroSD card with the camera, you should remember to format the memory card to be safe and to ensure that it will work.


CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Price

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CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: User reviews


CamPark T45 Trail Camera review: Conclusion

The CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera is a great pick for anyone who wants to capture wildlife day or night. It also works really well as a security camera for different areas as long as you remember to switch out the MicroSD card and batteries from time to time.

8.6Expert Score
Campark T45 gives great value for the money. The excellent night vision paired with the good mounting options makes it a great trail camera you can place almost anywhere. Unfortunately, the low frame rate on higher resolutions and support for only 32 GB do feel like they cut from the wrong place, on an otherwise great trail camera.
Image quality
Video quality
Set up
Night vision
  • Price
  • Excellent night vision capabilities
  • Good mounting options
  • Easy to set up
  • A lot of different photo and video options
  • Waterproof
  • Low framerate on higher resolutions
  • Supports only 32 GB MicroSD
  • Nightvision videos/images might get overlighted especially if the target is too close

Specification: CamPark T45 Trail Camera review – High quality with low price

Package Dimensions Height: 339, Length: 803, Weight: 115, Width: 480
Product Type Name
Product Group
Part Number
Package Quantity 1
Model T45
Item Dimensions Weight: 110
EAN List 6675201165519, 8011446861416
EAN 6675201165519
color yellow
Title Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P Waterproof Hunting Scouting Cam Wildlife Monitoring 120°Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4" LCD IR LEDs

Videos: CamPark T45 Trail Camera review – High quality with low price

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  1. Jackie Skeen

    I like the camera, its easy to use, takes great Vids/Pics on high res., and I was enjoying using it UNTIL I tried to put back the micro SD card and there is a space above the slot where it goes. I put it in there by mistake and the card went into the camera body. We took the camera apart carefully (my husband works with electronics) and then got the SD out and put all the pins etc back, circuit board, infrared part and then it didn’t work properly. I also had some prior trouble which I read on Amazon made mine a lemon. When set for 45 second vid, it only actually recorded 15 seconds at night. Would I buy again? Probably not. I was going to try to tangle with Amazon to return, but then the SD issue occurred. Badly designed SD slot, as you cannot really see the open space when the camera is on the table.

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  2. Bill Joyce

    I recently bought a T45 from Amazon, It may be a good camera but the instruction book print is so small and dim I can not read i, I am 83 years old with poor eyesight but my wife also could not read it with good eyes.

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    • BestTech.Reviews

      Thank you for this comment. This really is something manufacturers should take into consideration more.

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  3. Jerry

    Used 8 AA, not 6 AAA. Nice pics, easy to operate…..I didn’t need the manual as the menus are very intuitive, but I’ve used many different cameras and am familiar with the lingo. Can you get a better camera? Sure, but not for less than a C-note.

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    • BestTech.Reviews

      Big thanks for noticing the little mistake that had sneaked in our review. This has now been fixed.

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  4. R. WALKER

    Bought this camera on a whim. My cameras are up year round so they see -10, snow, you name it. Having a screen at this price point is amazing!! Very easy to manipulate settings. Videos are superb. Have captured bucks chasing does, coyoted chasing deer…all fast action. I set for highest quality and havent been disappointed. Battery consumption in severe cold hasnt been an issue yet. Plan to buy more of these…

    + PROS: Easy set up..Easy set up..Easy setup! Lol High quality pics and video. Camera trigger speed excellent Eight batteries compared to others at twelve.
    - CONS: Dont like micro sd cards. Easy to drop
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  5. Dennis

    After much research for a Trail Camera I settled on the Campark T45, relying on its specs and other user reviews. Here is mine. More detailed reviews are available if the reader researches the Amazon website and I’ll try not to duplicate.

    1. Camera has nice features, 14 MP (see their specs) and easy intuitive setup using the buttons.
    2. After turning on the toggle switch at bottom of camera, red LED lights flash 5 times. I prefer to see a 10 second delay before image kicks on, otherwise one gets a closeup shot of oneself moving out of the way. Minor problem.
    3. Micro SD card insertion and removal requires tweezers. Be careful not to drop it. It happened twice to me and I lost if the second time among dark, wet leaves and dirt. A regular SD card (not micro SD) would have been preferred.
    4. Manufacturer’s battery instruction appear contradictory: 8-AA alkaline batteries recommended but in the same manual they state that instead of standard LR6 AA batteries, NiMh batteries with at least 2000 mah or higher may be used. I am going to try with 4-2700 mah Powerex rechargeable batteries instead. The original 8-AA batteries have lasted 7 weeks and still tested out at 1.45v (from original 1.5v, so not a bad voltage drop). The mileage one gets out of LR6 -AA batteries depends on one’s settings. Long playing videos and frequency of image triggering will speed up battery loss of power.
    5. Battery indicator inside camera shows yellow, and according to Campark this means battery strength is weakened. I find this not the case. One needs to occasionally test voltage, but if image quality degrades or does not appear then battery is presumably exhausted or too weak to record.
    6. Video review is not possible with Samsung tablet (Samsung does not support .AVI codec) but still photos are readable on the Samsung tablet. My iMac computer reads the video.
    7. Power switch: On/Setup/Off at bottom should have better defined click stops, but not a deal killer.
    8. The Instruction Manual is brief but is fairly detailed. However, the light and tiny print sizes almost require a magnifying glass for reading. This must change.
    9. So far, the waterproof IP66 standard claimed is holding up. The camera has experienced rain and inside is dry. Be sure to wipe the outside of wetness before opening the camera to access controls.
    10. My guess is that, like most security cameras, there is a trigger lag time (Campark claims a time lag of 0.5-0.8 sec). I find that after camera is turned “on” I take about 2-3 seconds to position myself around 20 ft in front of the camera but it seems motion detection triggering does not show me walking to the spot. My “shot lag” time was set to 10 sec but maybe this has nothing to do with the problem. Will check with Campark support.
    11. Image quality is good for night B&W shots was well as color daytime shots (just remember this is the rainy season so color is not vibrant). There appears to be some chromatic aberration in highlights but do not expect DSLR or Mirrorless image quality. It works for what it is intended to do: provide decent images.
    12. Angle of coverage does not appear to be move than 90 degrees but I am simply gauging by eyeball. Does not bother me.

    + PROS: Lost of features for the price and less expensive than many others. Ray from Campark support responsive.
    - CONS: Some niggling issues (see above review)
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  6. Eugene Molinaro

    I just got the camera today . I messed up the motion detector lenses trying to get the lens protectors off . How can I get the camera repaired .
    my email address is [email protected]

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  7. Sharon

    I have nearly perfect eyesight and perfect with correction. The instruction book is impossible to read. I have had to copy it off the website and then page by page enlarge it with the highest settings on the copier. This is still not the best copy and the logo marks are very distracting. The enlarged print from my laser printer is not even what i would expect. Was considering sending it back because of this. If we had looked at the booklet in the store, would not have bought. Very cheaply done. Now to get it set up and see if we like it. Rated 2 for frustration and amount of effort and time to just get instruction booklet so it can be read.

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  8. Tim

    I have tried both the T45 and the updated T45A. T45A has slightly higher resolution and updated menu buttons, otherwise identical. Both cameras take fine pictures, day and night. I’m satisfied with the pics and videos. Micro SD position and handling is problematic as others have stated, but not a deal breaker. Overall I have been satisfied except for one problem that IS a deal breaker for me. Advertising for this camera is incorrect regarding the PIR sensors. They state there are THREE PIR sensors that result in 120 degree detection angle. I covered two sensors at a time to test each of the 3 sensors. On both the T45 and T45A a single side sensor would not trigger the camera. I covered only the middle sensor and with both side sensors open it still would not trigger. What? Big problem! I had already checked and verified the side sensors were turned ON in the menu settings. Being an engineer I was curious what was actually inside the camera so I removed the front panel on the T45. Well, there WERE NOT three PIR sensors but only two. There is only one side sensor positioned in the middle that shares both side sensor lenses. So they try to angle the IR detection from the side lenses down to one sensor and it does not appear to work. As mentioned, with just the middle sensor covered I get no detection with both side sensors open. Since the picture quality is good and the camera angle is wide maybe most users don’t notice or care. But not getting anywhere near the 120 degree detection angle is a problem for me as that was part of the specs that drew me to this camera. I wanted to capture animals on the edge of the frame and when first coming into view. I feel I have been deceived by the claimed 120 degree detection angle and three PIR sensors that are really only two (and only one appears to work). Maybe BestTECH.reviews could investigate and comment?

    + PROS: Quality pictures with high resolution. Plenty of user settings for customizing. 32GB provides plenty of storage. Generally decent quality overall.
    - CONS: Advertised to have three PIR sensors and 120 degree detection angle, but there are only two actual sensors, and the side sensors do not work resulting in more like 90 degree detection from the main center sensor.
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  9. Connie

    Followed directions for setup ( not easy as I’m not very technical). The only problem I have is that the video replay will only go for 2 seconds despite a 10 second video. Had help with re-setup and same problem. I have 2 cameras doing that so I must have done something wrong….but what?

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  10. John Belliveau

    Total piece of China made crap. Just threw away 2 of them, both malfunctioning. The manufacturer says it’s waterproof, but it isn’t. I got used to emptying the water out of battery compartment. But when the camera with switch in the off position keeps turning on, flashing a picture for no reason, turning off, and repeating this until the new batteries are dead within 20 minutes, it’s completely useless. No support from Campark, who doesn’t stand behind their product.

    - CONS: Not worth the money, it malfunctioned very soon after purchase and was useless
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  11. stanley russell

    stopped working after two weeks, couldnt get help from campark i bought this camera about two years ago and for two years it has been on the shelf because after working flawlessly for about 2-3 weeks it stopped taking pictures, i contacted the campark.net but got no results so i shelved it, again last year tried to fix it again, no luck tried contacting campark no luck. trying agin this year, if not i guess i will chuck it.

    + PROS: oh yea great camera. something to set on the shelf. to remind me of another way to waste money
    - CONS: do i need to say more
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    CamPark T45 Trail Camera review – High quality with low price
    CamPark T45 Trail Camera review – High quality with low price

    Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $57.99.