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Samsung Galaxy A20 review – High quality in budget price
Samsung Galaxy A20 is another contender in the budget smartphones. Though it might be cheaper than the flagship models, it still brings a few premium functions that are long wished. These include a high-quality display, face recognition, and fast charging.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – Mid range tablet for daily use
Let me start this review by saying that Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is not an high end tablet in no means. It's well made product with mid tier speed and performance at best, but what makes it a must have is it's performance compared to it's price.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 – A small improvement to S8
Samsung Galaxy S9 is here with few new tricks up its sleeve but are they enough to justify the higher price compared to Samsung Galaxy S8? How about its camera, that Samsung has been advertising to beat every other phones camera on the market. Is it really as good as they say?
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