Target leaked upcoming LEGO Overwatch packages

If your a LEGO or Overwatch fan you’re going to love this. Target has leaked the upcoming LEGO Overwatch packages and they are bringing up to six different packages to the market. The first one to able to get these images was The Brick Fan.

As a huge Bastion and LEGO fan, I’m very excited to see these packages hit the market. Comment below the article whos your favorite Overwatch character or what LEGO package your

These packages include:

Tracer vs Widowmaker (75970) – 129 pieces

Characters contained: Tracer and Widowmaker.

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Hanzo vs. Genji (75971) – 197 pieces

Characters contained: Hanzo and Genji.

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Dorado Showdown (75972) – 419 pieces

Characters contained: Soldier 76, Reaper and McCree.

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D.Va and Reinhardt (75973) – 455 pieces

Characters contained: D.Va and Reinhardt.

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Bastion (75974) – 602 pieces

Characters contained: Bastion.

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Watchpoint: Gibraltar (75975) – 730 pieces

Characters contained: Winston, Mercy, Phara and Reaper


You can check more LEGO products here.

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