Most Common PS4 Problems and How To Solve Them

PS4 is an amazing piece of gaming hardware that we enjoy playing with, but as always not even the PS4 is problem or error-free. In today’s blog post I decided to look into the most common PS4 problems and how to solve them. If you’re interested in purchasing PS4, consider reading our review on the PS4 Pro here.

If you don’t find the solution in this list consider contacting Sony directly. You can contact them directly through these channels:

Malfunction: Blinking blue indicator light

Xbox 360’s might have had the “Red Ring of Death”, but PS4 seems to have the “Blue Line of Death”. The PS4s blinking blue light means that your PS4 is not sending video output to your TV. This is a big problem since it means your PS4 is pretty much dead. Thankfully though this does not mean your completely out of luck since Sony has managed to find out why this happens and has made a list of potential fixes.


Update your TV’s firmware – A lot of new TVs have some kind of smart TV thing going. As nice as these features are they might sometimes work a bit “wonky” with game consoles, meaning you should try to update your TV’s firmware to see if it fixes the problem.

Broken HDMI ports – Sometimes the problem could be simply a broken HDMI port in your PS4 or inside of your TV. Try out the HDMI ports with different devices and with a different cable to make sure its not the cable or ports that are broken.

Hard drive – If your PS4 is still not working, after checking for the HDMI ports and your TV’s firmware the problem could lay in your PS4 hard drive. Turn everything off and open up your hard drive bay and check for any damage it might have. Don’t forget to check that all cables going into it are also firmly attached.

Blinking red indicator light

The “Red Line of Death” isn’t as bad as the “Blue Line of Death” and thankfully Sony has yet another fix for this problem. The PS4 will flash a red light side of the console repeatedly until it makes three beeps and shuts down. The reason why this is happening is that the PS4 is overheating. This can be found out from the PS4 user manual.


Let your PS4 rest – Sometimes your PS4 just needs to cool off for it to work again as some of these devices can get quite hot under heavy stress.

Give it more space – If your PS4 is too tightly packed with your TV and other electronics it might not have enough room to breathe and cool off. Consider placing it in a more open space.

Damaged HDMI port or faulty HDMI cable

Mistakes happen in every production and no one wants to get a broken or damaged PS4 but it happens rarely. If you notice that your HDMI port is bent there is only one easy fix for it – bent it on its place. Another problem that you might face is a faulty HDMI cable, but thankfully this is an easy fix.


Bent HDMI port – Simply grab a tool and bend it back into its original form. Though you must be careful that you don’t bend any pins or dmg the port more.

Change HDMI cable – Sometimes even Sony ships a faulty HDMI cable, but this is an easy fix. Just grab a new HDMI cable from Amazon or your local store and you’re ready to play again.

Running out of internal storage

Ok, we admit that this might not happen to everyone with a 1TB of hardware space in their PS4s but for others who are using the 500GB might notice they are running out of space to save their games. This happens especially when the game creators update their games and the games start taking more and more space on the PS4.


Connect an external hard drive to PS4 – You can easily upgrade your space by simply connecting an external hard drive to your PS4. We recommend the WD 1TB External Hard Drive

Change the internal storage – If you’re not into external hard drives you can always spaw the 2.5-inch drive inside your console. You don’t even have to worry about losing your save files since you can just load them to the cloud through PlayStation Plus and load them back up after installing the new hard drive. This doesn’t void your warranty so that’s also a nice thing. The only thing you need to remember is that the hard drive must be over 160GB or it won’t work.

Can’t connect to your network

PS4 has had its fair share of problems connecting to peoples networks, but there are solutions to fix it. Just make sure the error your seeing is not the error code CE-33991-5, which simply means that PSN is undergoing service maintenance and will be solved as soon as they restart their servers.


Unplug and replug – As the old saying goes “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” weirdly this does help in most cases.

Update your router’s firmware – Another device another update. If you haven’t updated your router for a long time consider doing it now to see if it fixes the problem between your network and the PS4.

Re-learn your network – If you’re still facing problems connecting to your network, you can try telling your PS4 to forget your network and adding it again. For some reason, people have managed to fix their network problems this way.

Disc auto ejects or doesn’t come out

PS4 has been reported having this issue since its launch. For some, the disc auto ejects automatically when you insert a disc while for some users it seems to be doing it even when there is not even a disc inside. For others, there has been the issue of not even getting the disc drive open.


Place the PS4 vertically – Most of the issues seem to be because of the horizontal layout that some are using their PS4. It could be that the PS4 detects the disc touching it from the inside and for this reason ejects it. If you still having the problem when placing the console vertically you could be because of hardware issue and should be replaced.

Turn it off and on again – Before turning your device up again remove all cords and press the power button for 30 seconds to ensure all power is gone from the device. After that feel free to reconnect them and restarting your gaming console. This should fix the problems in most cases.

Application errors

One of the most common errors you might be facing with the PS4 is the error CE-34878-0, which means you are having an application error. This can occur with downloaded or physical games.


Turn it off and on again – Yet another problem that can be solved by turning your device off, unplugging all the cords and giving the power button a 30s push to ensure all power is gone. Let your PS4 sit another few minutes to ensure it has cooled down and check again if the issue has been solved.

Reinstall – Downloaded games can sometimes have weird bugs happen to them when downloading and installing them. Consider uninstalling and reinstalling your downloaded games. This can also occur for your physical games so consider deleting them from your game library and reinstalling them from the disc.

Update your PS4 – Always remember to keep your device up to date so if your having issues it could be because you haven’t updated your PS4 for a while.

Fresh start – If nothing works consider wiping your PS4 clean and making a fresh start. Before doing this, just remember to grab those save files to a USB drive or the cloud so you don’t lose them. After that just go to settings and choose initialization. This means you will wipe your PS4 clean and you have to download all your apps and games again, but it could solve those pesky application errors.

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