How to get most out of Amazon Prime day

Amazon has announced that their next Amazon Prime day will be at July 15 – 16. At this time a lot of people wonder, “How to get the most out of Amazon Prime day?” Since this is the perfect time to get your shopping pants on and click to here are few tips on how to get most out of the prime day.

Become Amazon Prime member

As the name says “Amazon Prime Day” the day is mainly for Amazon Prime members. This means you need to be Amazon Prime member to be able to get the best deals and to get the discounts. Thankfully, Amazon offers a FREE 30-day trial on Amazon Prime which you can get here.

Start your FREE 30 day Amazon Prime trial

What type of Prime Day deals will there be?

Amazon usually offers a few types of deals. These include Gold Box deals, Lightning deals, Coupon deals, and direct price drops. Each of these is a little different, so here’s what you can expect from each type:

  • Gold Box Deals of the Day: These are Amazon’s daily deals, that usually don’t sell out too quickly, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they went quickly.
  • Lightning Deals: Lightning deals go as fast as you would expect from their name, so be ready to click that buy button. Thankfully you can usually join a waitlist on these items, but it won’t guarantee that you will get the product.
  • Coupon Deals: Many sellers will be offering coupon codes as a way to help people save on Prime Day, and these require a little more work. Some will offer landing pages that automatically clip the coupon code for you, and others will require you to manually enter them during the checkout process. The few seconds of extra work can sometimes save you big, though.
  • Direct Price Drops: A lot of products will have reduced price for the time so be sure to look for the products you are most interested and you just might find it for a discount. The price drops span on all categories Amazon has to offer, so you can get lucky on kitchen appliances, knives, TVs, computers, clothing, mattresses or on something completely different. So remember to keep those eyes open.

How to find  the best deals on Amazon Prime Day

As always Amazon likes to spice things up. Last year, deals came in 3-hour blocks, but this year they might be going for 6-hour deals, making the deal last longer and giving people more chances to grab it. Though the best way to find the Amazon Prime deals is by registering for the Prime and then click here, to browse the deals before they open up. One great deal you should look for already is the Toshiba 43-inch 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV – Fire TV Edition. It’s normally priced for $299 but will be on sale on Prime day.

Toshiba Fire TV

Other good deals include the Amazon Echo Input for just $14,99 (normal price $34,99) which allows you to input Alexa to your own speakers. Easy to use and most importantly super affordable. Just remember to be quick, because we have a feeling these ones will be sold out quick.

Echo Input

The third product you should definitely take a look at is the Fire TV Recast that offers 500 GB, 75 hours of over-the-air DVR. The best part is, that it’s only $129,99 for the Prime day while normally it goes up to $229,99.

Fire TV Recast

Plan ahead

Since everything will be going fast on Amazon Prime day, the best way to get what you want is to plan ahead. Make a list of the products and items you want to buy and get ready to buy them quickly since the deals will be timed most of the time and there are other shoppers on the move.

Prime day plan

After the list, ensure you have a clear budget plan so you know how much all the products are going to pay together so you can ensure you have saved up that money and that you can afford all of the products and items you want. For example, if the products pay $125 ensure you got at least $150 saved up since you never know what kind of deals you might notice and want to include in your cart, so having a bit of extra gives you this breathing room to do so.


One way to ensure that you get exactly what you want is to check if the product is available for pre-order even before Prime day. This way you will ensure you won’t be left out because as we said, the deals will go fast, so use that pre-order button and grab what you can.

Amazon Prime Preorder

Just a few examples of the items you can pre-order as Amazon Prime member

What else does Amazon Prime offer?

Amazon Prime benefits

Amazon Prime is not there to offer just free one or two-day shipping in most cases, but it also offers:

  • Prime Video where you can watch tons of movies, tv shows and other shows with the membership.
  • Prime Wardrobe that lets you try out eligible items across women’s, men’s, kid’s and baby clothing, shoes and accessories before you buy them.
  • Prime Music that offers over 2 million songs that are included in the Primes ad-free and on-demand music library.

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