How to fix your broken headphones

Fixing your broken headphones is a pretty simple and straightforward job. Here’s how to fix your broken headphones in 9 simple steps. Before you start check out that you have everything you need in our list of required items.

Items required for the fix


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NOTE: Below tutorial is done at your own risk. If you feel you don’t have the skills or you have a professional at hand, consult them before breaking or voiding your warranty on your headphones.

Plug your headphones to audio source

Now some of you might be a bit confused on why you should connect your broken headphones to an audio source, but there is a reason. This way you can easily find out when you have managed to fix the problem and to determine where the problem is located more accurately.

Steps to do:

1. Plug into an audio source.
2. Play music.

Isolate the problem

Isolating the problem is very important. To do this take the audio cord in your hand and start moving your fingers about ½ inch pace upwards on the cable while bending it. At the same time listen if you can hear music on your headphones or if there is a clear cut in it.

If you have wireless headphones you need to open your headphones to reveal the wiring and see the solders.

Most commonly the problem can be found almost right next to the headphone jack, but sometimes it can also be the solder that has broken off.

Masking the area

After discovering the problem you need to isolate it with the masking tape. Place isolation tape on both sides of the shorted area leaving a small gap between them. About an inch should be more than enough room for you to work with.

Cut the shorted area

Take the wire cutters and cut the shorted area of the wire. You can use the masking tape as a marker on where to cut. What your doing here is removing the shorted part of the wire to ensure you are left with two parts of the wire that still work.

NOTE: You shouldn’t need to remove more than an inch or so of the wire.

Strip the wire

With your wire strippers, strip back the wire shielding on both of the wires that you are left with. After that, you should see three different wires, one red, one black or white, and a copper wire.

NOTE: Colors may vary.

Once the wire shield is stripped you will be able to strip the exposed wires to reconnect them. If the newly exposed wires are small you might need to use the sandpaper to expose the copper inside the color coded wires.

Connecting the wires

Now that you have stripped the wires you can finally reconnect them together. Just remember that you need to connect the wires, color to color (red to red, black to black, copper to copper). Doing this you might want to splice them together or as we would recommend solder them with the solder gun.

NOTE: Before soldering the wires remember to disconnect the headphones from any audio source or if you are using wireless headphones to turn them off.

Test your headphones

Before finishing everything off connect your headphones back to an audios source and make sure you can hear sound from both sides of the headphones. If everything is done right and you can hear sound from both sides you can move on to the next step.

Add shrink tube / electrical tape around the new connection

After carefully testing your fixed headphones and making sure everything works you can now add the shrink tube around soldered/spliced area to ensure its protected. You can also protect it with electrical tape, but we recommend using the shrink tube for a better finish.


Congratulations you have fixed your headphones and while doing it (hopefully) saved some money and learned a new skill.

If you have high-end headphones, they might be under a warranty as some headphone makers offer a lifetime warranty, so make to check that out.

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