Best judogi in the market?

What would be the best judogi for competition and is Daedo IJF Judogi the best one you can get?


Lets start the review on the logos. I am a fan of minimalism on logos in a judogi and Daedo does not dissappoint in this. There are small logos in the leg, in the sleeve and jacket has one Daedo logo and the IJF logo on the bottom. So very minimalist and smart choice.


Style and weight

Style is very classic but still modern. The judogi is well made and durable. Weight is to IJF standards 750 grams so very light.


The judogi is very comfy and nice to wear. Collar is not too thick and the measuments are very good and seem very competition ready.


You can get the judogi in white and blue. You can choose regular or slim fit style, so there is a good fit for slimmer judogas as well. There are sizes between 5 cm so there are alot to choose from. Daedo has a good sizechart so you can measure the perfect fit for yourself.

Reputable company

Daedo a martial arts shop with products for Taekwondo, Karate, Judo that ships worldwide. The company has been founded in 1983.  We can say Daedo is a versatile, traditional and reputable company. Daedo has also been a sponsor of many big international sport competitions such as olympics.


  • IJF approved so can be used in an international competition.
  • light 750g
  • reputable company
  • Comes in white/blue, regular/slim fit versions, lots of sizes

Here you can go and order Daedo Judogis!



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